MIS MUN International Conference (Model United Nations international)

MIS MUN 2024

Miras International School and theirs guests

Today MIS MUN 2024 has been held at Miras International School in Almaty. Model United Nations at school is a simulation of the United Nations where students take on the roles of diplomats, representing different countries and debating international issues. It promotes skills like public speaking, negotiation, research, and critical thinking. It is an educational and engaging way for students to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the complexity of global issues.

Many other schools from different cities of Kazakhstan and Russia are taking part in this event:

-Specialized Lyceum School “Dostar”

-International school of Herzen University

-International School Almaty

-Specilalized Lyceum named after Al-Farabi

-International School of Herzen University

-Kazakhstan International school

-School-lyceum  № 35

-Ushkonyr Madrasash College

-International Lyceum School “Dostar”

-Belinskiy  Secondary School

-Specialized Lyceum “Arystan”

-Galaxy International School

-Miras International School, Astana

-KazGASA School

-Moscow Economic School

-Tamos  Education

In total there are 140 delegates taking place in this big event.

The registration for MIS MUN started at 8 o’clock in the morning. The Opening Ceremony took place at 9 o’clock in the theater. Students of Miras International School and Specialized Lyceum “Arystan” participated in the ceremony. In the end of the ceremony, all delegates took an oath.

The first session started at 10.30 with discussions. The session are held in three languages: English, Kazakh and Russian.

The work of the following committees will be presented at the MIS MUN 2024 conference:

  1. United Nations Development Programme (English Language)
  2. General Assembly First Committee (English language)
  3. Human Rights Council (English languages)
  4. Human Rights Council (Kazakh languages)
  5. Disarmament & International Security Committee (English language)
  6. Disarmament & International Security Committee (Russian language)
  7. Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (English language )
  8. Security Council (English language)

I wish all delegates constructive debates.

Correspondent Aliaskar Kaliakparov,5b



MIS MUN 2024 Debates, Interviews and so much more!

Today was a wonderful day for wonderful interviews. Today was a beginning for new acquaintances. The reason for all this was because it was the one day in the year where there are not only ceremonies but also interviews, committees, discussions, however my personal favourite was debating, if you’re thinking what that day might be I am happy to introduce to you MIS MUN (Miras International School model United Nations).

MIS MUN was initially introduced to Miras 25 years ago!!! MUN opened new experiences and opportunities for all the people taking part in this ceremony. Children and adults taking part are learning ATL skills and different opinions all through the event. I personally had a great time getting to know people from different schools and even people who work in the UN Kazakhstan group as I was one of the interviewers. In my eyes everyone was really sweet and wise, as I was listening to their opinions It occurred to me that ethics is one of the most important things in this world. Some people were so kind and thoughtful they gave me a whole challenge to do!!!

In the end everything turned out great. I’m writing this article and I get the joy of getting to know people I would have never even talked to without MUN. I am thankful for all the opportunities and things that I learned and I hope to do this the years to come.


Correspondent, Kamila Son 6D


Human Rights debate

Today at Miras International School of Almaty there was MIS MUN 24. In the Human Rights debate room delegates debated on the topic of Improving Gender Equality to Promote Economic Growth. The debate was calm and peaceful so that everyone agreed with each other. It was a real debate, everyone represented a country and things didn’t get heated. It was professional in terms of using proper language and grammar in English. In conclusion, it was a very well prepared debate.

Correspondent Sarzhanov Abay, 6D


Delegates, debates, and so much more. Mis MUN “Miras”

Today was a wonderful day at Miras International School, Almaty, because a conference of Model United Nations also known as MUN has taken place. Today students experienced being journalists, guides and debaters, decorators and organizers. I worked as a journalist, and it was fantastic. My team and I interviewed different people, from different cities, schools, and even countries. I met a lot of new people, who were very sweet, they answered my questions happily. Then we went to different rooms to see how people were debating very different things there we also journalized everything. In my room they talked about “The role of social media in fueling conflicts”, I learned so many different things there, and I heard many various opinions.  At first they were little shy, but then they started talking and in a minute they were already laughing. Delegates started their opening speech, first one was Kazakhstan, then China continued, after Cuba and another countries. Every country was different, and everyone had different perspectives, they were debating it even looked like they were about to fight, but at the end they came up with the same answer. This is what it’s like to be a participant in MUN, thank you.

Correspondent Zere Jamalova, 6D



I would like to share my experience with Model United nations (MUN). It was one of the most interesting event during the school time. I learned so many things about MUN and with the help of all information that I was informed about this event, I think I will do better next year.

This day I was working as a journalist. I interviewed people from different cities, countries and schools. People were sweet and kind, but sometimes they were strict and took everything seriously. Also, I was taking part at the committees. I was watching delegates work and how they were discussing their main topic. For today, specific topic was “the use of military and security company’s present speech and presentation’s”. In committees the following countries were participating: Armenia, Qatar, Nigeria, etc. (delegates). At the first minutes, delegates were quite shy and barely talked with each other. But soon, as everyone showed their presentations and presented speech, they became friendly and started to discuss the main topic together. Delegate of Japan was taking a lead. There were 3 leaders who were asking questions the delegates and gave a task to them.  The task was to write a resolution about the main topic. Approximately after a few minutes, a delegate of Japan stood up and shared his idea, how to write a resolution. His idea was to write it together because delegates had the identical opinion, so everyone agreed. And soon, they started writing a resolution. People were listening to each other and paying attention while someone is talking. As the result, I learned how to listen and communicate with new people.  By watching delegates debating and doing everything together, I learned how to listen and how to stand out my point. I find this conference interesting and enjoyable!

Correspondent Tali Abdrakhmanova, 6D


Correspondent MISMUN 2024

A big event took place today at Miras International School - MISMUN 2024. Today, my friend Vavrzhin Arnold and me, as guides, warmly welcomed and conducted excursions throughout the school. We also told interesting facts about our school to dear delegates. Vlasyants I.R And Vlastimil Samek, Representative of the Global Communications Department of Model United Nations, greeted all participants, delegates and school staff at the opening ceremony.

Everyone was in a great mood and everyone was happy.

Sincerely, Altay Syzdyk,6D



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