MIS MUN International Conference (Model United Nations international)

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Miras International School in Almaty Model United Nations 2023 Online Conference

Welcome to Miras MUN Online Conference 2023!

Dear Teachers, Advisors and Students:

You are cordially invited to participate in the annual Model United Nations Conference, MIS MUN 2023 organized by Miras International School, Almaty which will be held from February 23th till February 24th in online mode.

The theme of this year’s conference “Global Citizenship: Choices and new challenges for the Younger Generation”.


Model United Nations was founded in 2004. Since that time it has offered its delegates a unique experience working in MIS MUN Committees. Students interested in solving contemporary global problems will be able to demonstrate their unique diplomatic abilities and to make decisions that will influence the future existence of humankind.

Model United Nations Online Conference, MIS MUN 2023, provides new students a first experience of participating in organized online debates, and provides veteran students the opportunity to practice their debating and public speaking skills. The delegates are going to discuss online, vital issues of international importance, to prepare declarations and resolutions and to learn to negotiate and cooperate under the UN regulations.

MIS MUN 2023 is more than a simulation of the United Nations. The small steps taken at conference 2023 could be the basis for a more human and secure world tomorrow. The United Nations has made great achievements since 1945, but only through critical reassessment of the events can the challenges of tomorrow be effectively met. Through this online conference we provide a unique opportunity to engage students in a professional, friendly and collaborative environment and to develop their research, communication and leadership skills. 

The online sessions will be held in three languages: English, Russian, and Kazakh and students may choose from one of these. Both new and practiced participants will find it a rewarding experience.

Your presence will add a unique element to the international online conference and we sincerely hope you will be among those joining us for MIS MUN 2023.

Please visit our website at http://mismun.miras.kz/en/ for more detailed information.

We invite you to experience what Online Conference MIS MUN 2023 has to offer!

MIS MUN 2023 Online Conference information:


  • Security Council
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Economic and Financial Committee
  • Environmental Committee
  • World Health Organization
  • Commission of Science and Technology for Development


all students of Grade 9-12 (5 delegates from each school)

teachers and/or advisers helping in students’ preparation

Date: February 23-24, 2023

Fee: 7 000 KZT per student

A detailed schedule of the online sessions, opening and closing ceremonies, committees and topics as well as the code of conduct will be sent later.

In addition, we encourage you to visit our website http://mismun.miras.kz/en/ to check in with our conference updates; there we will continuously update all information you need including discussion themes and resources.

Online registration starts: January 15, 2023

Online registration ends: February 15, 2023

School telephone: +7(727)242 16 67

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

Mrs. Yelena Nenasheva – MIS MUN 2023 Coordinator, e-mail: e_nenasheva@miras.kz, +7(701)617 33 32

Miss Alison Cummings – MIS MUN 2023 Co-Coordinator, e-mail: alison.c@miras.kz

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the online MIS MUN 2023 conference in Almaty!

Yours sincerely,

MIRAS MUN 2023 Team 


Online registration starts:   January 15, 2023

Online registration ends:     February 21, 2023

School telephone: +7(727)2421667

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

Mrs. Yelena Nenasheva – MIS MUN 2023 Coordinator, e-mail: e_nenasheva@miras.kz, +7(701)617 33 32

Miss Alison Cummings – MIS MUN 2023 Co-Coordinator, e-mail: Alison.C@miras.kz

We are looking forward to welcoming you at online MIS MUN 2023 in Almaty!

Yours sincerely, MIRAS MUN 2023 Team 


190 Al Farabi Avenue, Almaty, Kazakhstan | Tel.: +7 (727) 227 69 42, +7 (727) 242 16 65 | E-mail: secretary@miras.kz