MIS MUN International Conference (Model United Nations international)

MIS MUN 2022 Online Conference

Today, February 24, 2022 the annual Model United Nations Conference, MIS MUN 2022 has started in Miras International School. There are participants from 4 different countries, 11 cities and 22 schools. This year the conference is being held in online mode due to Pandemic situation. The conference will be held in three languages: English, Russian, and Kazakh and students may choose any of them.

First things first, MIS MUN 2022 online conference, it’s an opportunity where students can participate in online debates and discuss about global problems concerning several domains including Security, Human Rights, Economy and Finance, Environment, World Health and Science and Technology.

Secondly, students are involved to debates to get a chance to develop their social skills. They will get an opportunity to meet students from different countries and schools. They will explore global problem-solving situations taking into account their national cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Students as delegates will be able to practice leadership skills as well. Being delegates from different social groups, they will learn how to take responsibility for the actions and decisions. They will be becoming international-minded people who can take risks. Therefore, participating in MIS MUN 2022 triggers delegates to become open-minded global citizens.

Furthermore, those students who are interested in debating and public speaking can participate in the conference to get an experience and to practice their debating skills.

MIS MUN 2022 is a valuable opportunity for both new and practiced participants to gather an irreplaceable and rewarding experience.

Tamerlan Klychev, Grade7 student, Press Club Correspondent 


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