MIS MUN International Conference (Model United Nations international)

The final day of the MUN conference


This sad and at the same time joyful day of the MUN Conference ends. We had final interviews with delegates from other cities. We have been asking them about their impressions and what they acquired during this event. Delegates who had experience in this event were less interested in the conference, as they had taken part in such events before, however people who came to the MUN conference for the first time were really impressed.

 However, let us not forget there are many different options where you can take part in the event such as working in the press club, being a helper, a secretary etc. They have been putting their effort to this event, too. Students from other schools really appreciated Miras International School, they liked the Miras students’ hospitality and responsiveness. They even said if they had had an opportunity, they would have studied in Miras.

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Aruzhan, Sergey and Tamerlan



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