MIS MUN International Conference (Model United Nations international)

MIS MUN 2023


Today at Miras international school the MUN Model conference is held. 250 delegates from different countries participated in this event.

At 9 am the opening ceremony started. Miras School welcomed the delegates with a song which was presented by secondary school students, and a modern dance by the school’s dance club. Also, one of the students played the piano. We took interviews from some delegates. From what they said we understood that they have been looking forward to gaining new and unique experience. They said that they wish to improve their social skills. Their teachers explained that the students are the future of the world and this conference is a great opportunity to show what they are capable of.

This conference was held to improve communication between countries of the United Nations, so they could understand each other better and solve different problems. This is a very important event for all people, who participate in the conference, which can help young people understand what they want from life and how they can improve the world they live in.

This conference is planned to solve problems through peace, not violence. Violence was always a horrible way to solve issues, because it never brings peace, only more violence and deaths. It is due to the fact that people do not want to accept people who may be different from them. Communicating is more complicated than the usage of violence, but that does not mean violence is a correct way.

Also, this conference should improve the scientific branch, to help to save the world from global warming and to save the endangered species, what proves it is a very essential problem.

To organize the working process six committees were established: Security Council, Disarmament and International Security Council, Human Rights Committee, Social and Cultural Committee, Environmental Committee, and the World Health Organization Committee.  They all help to solve conflict situations and to lead the world in the correct direction, so our children could live in a better world, than we live in.

Overall, the MUN Model conference is aiming to help people realize the world we live in and make it better.

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Arina Tretyakova 8 D


In Miras International school MUN model United Nations is held every year. This is an event where students can prove themselves at some skills. The main goals of this event are to understand more about the United Nations, educate participants about world issues and promote peace.

There will be 250 participants who will take an action at this event. They came from cities such as Astana, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yerevan, Tashkent, Bishkek, Uralsk, Turkestan, and Almaty.

At the conference MUN model will be presented by 6 commitees aimed at discussing specific issues. Here is where our delegates take place at this event.

Security Council will present analysis of the issues of combating international terrorism and the problems of migrants.

Disarmament and International Security Council will consider the issuies of no illegal supply of weapons to the country and careful monitoring of this. As it causes terrorists actions.

Human Rights Committee will give an objective assessment about the issue of trading people and legal wearing restrictions for women.

Social and Cultural Committee will consider questions about availability of storage of the world heritage sites and legitimacy of state ownership of foreign cultural artifacts.

Environmental Committee will present solutions for pharmaceutical industry on the environment and climate impact in global and regional context.

Committee of the World Health Organization will analyze some questions such as ensuring a healthy lifestyle in different countries and relationship between global diseases and product deliveries.

As you can understand the problems that our delegates talk about are all global. All these problems are included in every nation. Every delegate in different committees work and gain new knowledge as they learn from other people’s point of view. By this way they can take criticism well to become even better.

So, let us talk about how the first day of the MUN model started. In Miras International School of Almaty there was a great and spectacular opening ceremony. It included songs and dances, some great speeches from Miras’s Head of School. It also included an amazing performance by our student playing the piano. At the start of the ceremony our students performed a nice march with different flags. And, of course, in the middle of it all we sang the national anthem of Kazakhstan. Everyone had a nice time of watching this beautiful opening ceremony.

 For now, this is where my article ends. I really appreciate your attention of reading my article to its end. See you next time!

Tamerlan Klychev 

Representative of Miras Press Club 


This year we welcomed a lot of international and Kazakhstani schools

Every year Miras International School of Almaty organizes an event called MUN Model Conference.

This year 250 participants took part in this event. There were guests from Saint-Petersburg, Yerevan, Bishkek, Uralsk, Turkestan, Almaty, Astana, and Moscow. The conference was held in English, Russian and Kazakh languages. 

In the opening ceremony our guests from Arystan SL performed national music of Kazakhstan and students of Miras school played the piano, sang and danced. Our press club had an interview with students who were their schools’ representatives. Among our guests was Mr Vlastimil Samek who is the representative of the United Nations Organization. Also, there were six different Committees, like:

Security Council which is responsible for preventing contraband work and terrorism in other countries,

Disarmament and International Security Council which is monitoring the illegal acquisition of weapons,

Human Rights Committee which gives an objective assessment to the people transportation and issues regarding wearing covered clothes for women,

Social and Cultural Committee questions were about the world conservation and countries exporting the property of other nations,

Environmental Committee which controls the production of pharmaceutical companies and their impact on the world climate change,

The World Health Organization Committee which analyzes questions of healthy lifestyle and different diseases.

These committees’ topics were discussed during the MUN conference. Delegates of the UN conference attract students from all over the world to participate in the MUN. Participating in this conference can give the participants the opportunity to develop their diplomatic and communication skills. To take part in this conference you need to be an open-minded person who has to be a hard worker. The Conference will expand the sphere of communication of young people.

So, I can conclude that the MUN is a really important event, and it helps everyone develop and improve communication skills.

Thank you for reading my article.

Sergey Kudryashov 8D.



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